"Not Loyal to a Party Just the People""Not Loyal to a Party Just the People""Not Loyal to a Party Just the People""Not Loyal to a Party Just the People"

Fighting Against Division


It is plain to see the division currently damaging our country, our communities and our families. You see it on the news, you see it on social media, and you see it in your day-to-day life; this division is destroying our Nation from within. Only through unity and compromise can we achieve a better future for everyone in The United States of America, because everyone knows that United We Stand and Divided We FALL. I implore you to join me so that together, we can work toward that American dream ALL of our children deserve. 

Serving The People of the CA 22nd District

I am determined to be a voice for the people in the California 22nd district by serving the people to the best of my ability. I will  be loyal and strive to do what is best for the People of the CA 22nd district, and as such will not align myself with any political party.

Once a Marine, Always a Marine

I, eager to serve my country after the 9/11 attacks, joined the United States Marine Corps BEFORE the age of 18 and served two tours to Iraq. Several characteristics were instilled in me, such as honor, courage, and commitment. These are not just words to me, but a way of life.

Be The Change

Nothing will change unless we get out there and change it. Real change starts from the core, the soul, and the people are the soul of this country. I started this journey alone, but no Marine fights alone. Let us work together to make our home a better place for everyone. Donate, share my videos, send your support any way that you can and together we can make a change for a better tomorrow.  

About Me

 I am a father, wartime United States Marine Corps veteran, college graduate, graduate  student, Central Valley born and raised with roots in agriculture stemming from his time spent working on his family farm in Selma, CA. I joined the Marine Corps at the age of 17 in 2005 and, having just turned 20, was deployed to Iraq in 2007. Despite becoming extremely ill on my first deployment, I again deployed in 2008, celebrating my 21st birthday over the Atlantic Ocean and purchasing my first beer in Germany while in transit to Iraq. My sickness from my first deployment eventually caused me to be medically separated from the Marine Corps in 2012. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 2017. I started a Master of Science in Counseling/Marriage, Family, and Child Therapy program in 2018 and expect to graduate in 2021. I have been married for 11 years to the love of my life Joanna and have three young children.  

Why I am running for Congress 2020

What gave me the final push I needed to start this race.

I would appreciate any contribution you can give. If you can not contribute, but would still like to show your support, you can share my YouTube videos and website. Not everyone can do everything but everyone can do something.